From billionaire philanthropist Stephen M. Ross to the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, it is with a great sense of pride that we share with you, the testimonials that they have generously bestowed. 
We hope you will be inspired to join us on our mission to produce meaningful and impactful works of fine art and large-scale activations that positively impact the world.
Owner & Chairman
The Related Companies & The Miami Dolphins
“Robert is an inspirational artist whose seemingly boundless ingenuity is only matched by his passion for the creative process. 
The works he created captured the excitement of the games, the players, the fans and the global community that all came together for a truly memorable event in Miami and we were thrilled to be able to share the works with the world.” 
Stephen M. Ross, Owner, The Related Companies & The Miami Dolphins​​​​​​​
Her Honour
Lieutenant Governor of Ontario & Representative of His Majesty The King
“Art matters – in our everyday lives, in our society and in our hearts and minds. At the level of the individual, they stimulate creativity and encourage us to strive for excellence. They are a powerful means of social cohesion fostering greater understanding and appreciation among diverse cultural traditions. 
Robert Young’s arresting exhibition, YOUNG WORLD FACES, holds up a mirror to us reflecting an interdependent global world. Through these Faces, we see vulnerability and triumph – the power of the human spirit. They inspire and nourish the soul.” 
Her Honour Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Representative of His Majesty The King
“Robert Young’s symbolic “YOUNG WORLD FACES” series evokes a raw, passionate and almost spiritual feeling of pride and loyalty that proves to be a timeless example of emotive Fine Art Imagery.”
Robert Gundel, Gallery Director, National Geographic Fine Art Galleries

“Robert Young’s unique depiction of the faces of the Americas was a tremendous and wonderful way to bring attention and interest to the Toronto 2015 Pan American and Parapan American Games.
Whether it was through depictions installed at the offices of the Games lead partner — CIBC — or whether through digital marketing efforts it demonstrated the strength and beauty of the Americas seen through the faces of Canadians.
There is a story behind each of the 41 faces and Robert Young is truly a master storyteller!”
Saäd Rafi, CEO Toronto Pan American Games | Partner Delloite
“Union Market District is a unique canvas for talented artists like Robert Young. His Unmask Fear activation, seen by over 2.26M people over a ten-month period, is a beautiful example of how community finds a way to come together through creative expression. Our mission is to enrich community through authentic engagement. We are grateful to Robert Young for sharing his vision so passionately and generously.”
Jodie W. McLean, CEO – EDENS

“The Royal Ontario Museum is a place where art, culture and nature all meet. In early 2016, Robert Young was introduced and when I saw YOUNG WORLD FACES on my desktop, I was immediately drawn to the stunning faces that seemed to illustrate everything that I strive to communicate with our varied Festival Programs – in a uniquely visual manner.
Our first opportunity to work with Robert was with our hugely popular Friday Night Live Program. With projections on our largest wall in the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, and a physical installation of his lightboxes at the entrance to our Pan American exhibit we could reach each guest with this incredible art! 
Our next collaboration was a large-scale installation, with “Face of Canada: The Canada 150 Commemorative Edition.”Our visitors, members, staff, volunteers and patrons enjoyed a planned to be a photo op, so that the moment can be shared and relived always.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with Mr. Young – a truly talented thought and art leader!”
Chris Kennedy, Senior Manager Festival Programing, Royal Ontario Museum

“SCOPE enthusiastically welcomes R7 by Robert Young to our 20th edition of SCOPE Miami Beach, an artist that stands as a critical contribution to both global politics and local community engagement while celebrating his new and diverse voice.”
Alexis Hubshman, Founder, Scope International Contemporary Art Show

“YOUNG WORLD FACES is an irresistible collection where identity, beauty, and artistry come together to mesmerize and fascinate. Without a word, artist Robert Young speaks to the unique nature of each global citizen and the promise of Generation Next.”
Kathleen Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Lord Cultural Resources

“When I first saw the Faces collection by Robert Young, I knew that we had to find a way to bring him in as an official partner of the International Champions Cup and El Clasico Miami. It was clear that his work was bold and would capture the attention of the world.
The story of finding Robert was one that I will look back on as a stroke of luck. Robert was immediately receptive to the idea of joining this international project that would occur in Miami and was an absolute pleasure to work with. His pursuit of excellence, passion and professionalism made our partnership one of the highlights of building El Clasico Miami.
Robert shared his ability to produce such amazing work in an almost impossible timeline and was met with amazing global feedback from the clubs, players and fans. His creative vision for how the Faces of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF would launch El Clasico Miami will have a lasting impact on the fans of the International Champions Cup forever.
Robert captivated the audience and changed the perspective of the ICC through his art. It was our honor to have him serve as an official artist and partner of the ICC and we look forward to working together closely in the future.” 
Daniel Sillman, CEO, Relevent Sports & The International Champions Cup

“In addition to our Lead Partnership of the Toronto Pan American Games, CIBC was incredibly excited to be presenting sponsor of PANAMANIA, a 35-day festival which celebrated Canada’s diversity and the vibrant culture and heritage of the Pan American region. This one-of-a-kind festival gave Canadians and visitors alike an opportunity to experience the vibrant and diverse cultures of Canada and the entire Pan American region with performances and exhibitions featuring talent from all of the participating Games’ countries.
One of the exhibits we at CIBC were most proud of was one that came to life in our very lobby at Commerce Court in downtown Toronto. YOUNG World Faces of Pan Am, created by Robert Young, was a stunning collection of 41 large-scale images, each represented by local women with roots in all of the 41 Pan Am Games countries…their faces a canvas for the flag of their nation.
Robert is an internationally accomplished artist who has spent over 20 years engaging in creative initiatives that uplift the human spirit, embrace our differences, and celebrate our commonality. We were so lucky to be able to exhibit his beautiful and important photographic exhibition over the course of the Games. Robert has an extraordinary talent and I personally look forward to experiencing his future exhibits.”
Monique Giroux, Vice President Sponsorship Marketing & Strategy, Customer Marketing, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

“The Faces collection by Robert Young perfectly captured the incredible passion behind The International Champions Cup and El Clasico Miami.
Soccer is a global uniting force and Robert's art perfectly spoke to that quality. His work became an integral part of a historic event that captured the attention of the world.”
Charlie Stillitano, Executive Chairman, Relevent Sports & The International Champions Cup

“I had the opportunity and pleasure of collaborating with Mr. Young on his remarkable YOUNG WORLD FACES exhibition as part of our commission project for the Pan Am Games in Toronto. It is a truly innovative concept, brilliantly executed with class and professionalism. The exhibition was one of the major successes of the arts and culture program entitled PANAMANIA, and was met with wild public enthusiasm and critical approval from all quarters.
Robert Young is without question, one of the most talented, passionate, committed artists I know. He is a unique individual who is not only devoted to the pursuit of excellence, but possesses an uncanny ability to create, coordinate, and execute at the highest level. His attention to detail is unique in the world of photography and art.
Mr. Young was always a pleasure to work with, and in hindsight I can honestly say that “taking his phone call” proved to be one of the most important things I did during my tenure as Creative Director of the Pan American Games, and my belief in him was returned ten- fold.
YOUNG WORLD FACES is a bold and transformational exhibition from a very committed creative artist which celebrates inclusion, diversity, and the human spirit. The exhibition remains one of the great legacies of the arts and culture component of Toronto Pan American Games cultural celebrations.”
 Don Shipley, Creative Director, Toronto Pan American Games

“Robert Young is not only a supremely talented artist but the ultimate collaborator. I worked closely with him on the commissioned YOUNG WORLD FACES pieces for El Clásico Miami and his creative vision, paired with a strong work ethic, and get it done mentality made for a truly successful partnership.
Through his work, Robert was able to capture the spirit of El Clásico Miami and the passion that the global soccer community has for the game. With less than a month to execute his vision, Robert went through hell and high water to produce the commissioned FC Barcelona and Real Madrid pieces and the final artwork was nothing short of amazing.”
 Alana Segars, Executive Director, Brand Marketing Strategy, Vanity Fair + The New Yorker

“We were pleased to work with Robert during the TO2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am games in Toronto.  We featured his Young World Faces of Pan Am on our Gardiner Digital Superboards.  When I first saw these 7 ft tall backlit portraits – very powerful images of women representing the nations who participate in the Pan American Games – I knew that we had to feature them on our own 14 x 48 digital canvases. 
Robert is a gifted photographer and story teller.  I am pleased that we are able to re-unite to showcase his creativity in our  larger-than-life formats. When Robert shared his most recent photo -- self-portrait with the words on the mask, Nothing to Fear but Fear itself -- I was awestruck, and knew that we had to share this dynamic and inspiring message across the country." – Bob Leroux
Bob Leroux, Vice President National Sales, Pattison Outdoor Advertising

“We are thrilled to have acquired Face of Canada by Robert Young for the Government of Ontario Art Collection in 2018.
It is an inspirational, diverse and high-quality artwork which we are excited to showcase in our collection. It will be made available to the public through its display in government buildings and on the Archives of Ontario website.”
Lani Wilson, Curator, Government of Ontario Art Collection
 "I remember, vividly, the first time I encountered Robert Young's work, It was arresting, poignant, and beautiful. He captures moments worth remembering. The work we own greets us each day and serves as a reminder, not only of the quality of art in the world but the precious humanity therein."
Cabanne Schlafly Howard, Art Collector

 “We were so impressed with our initial viewing of Robert's show that we returned the next week.  Our second visit allowed us the opportunity to get to know Robert and to experience his art on a more personal level.  We are now honored to have this amazing piece as part of our collection and to call Robert our friend.”
John & Kelly, Art Collectors​​​​​​​

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