The power of art in contemporary times has evolved from that of previous generations. Art not only contributes to our entertainment but also impacts our mental health and drives the economy. In 2019, the arts and cultural sector contributed $919.7 billion, accounting for 4.3% of the US GDP, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.
Public art plays a crucial role in generating economic benefits and raising awareness of contemporary issues in communities. It can attract visitors, increase property values, and create a sense of place and identity. Global Public specializes in placing art in the public purview and developing its communicative properties into coherent expressions that are not abstract but rather literal. 
Robert Young maintains that although art is often subjective in nature when it aims to convey clear and tangible communication, its impact can be immediate and long-lasting. This is why our medium of choice for our large-scale activations is fine art and portrait photography.

YOUNG. WORLD FACES CAMPAIGN | Corporate Strategic Communications
UNMASK FEAR CAMPAIGN | Community Engagement Activism
At Global Public Art & Activations we specialize in 2 particular forms of public art activations; Corporate Strategic Communications and Community Engagement Activism. Our signature campaigns, YOUNG WORLD FACES and UNMASK FEAR, respectively have both garnered international acclaim and awards but it is their impact economically and within the communities where they have been seen, that we are most proud of.​​​​​​​
“....The works Robert Young created captured the excitement of the games, the players, the fans and the global community that all came together for a truly memorable event in Miami and we were thrilled to be able to share the works with the world." -read full quote in Testimonials
Stephen M. Ross, Owner, The Related Companies & The Miami Dolphins​​​​​​​
"....Robert Young’s arresting exhibition, YOUNG WORLD FACES, holds up a mirror to us reflecting an interdependent global world. Through these Faces, we see vulnerability and triumph – the power of the human spirit. They inspire and nourish the soul.” -read full quote in Testimonials
Her Honour Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Representative of His Majesty The King

Robert Young's 65ft by 50ft portraits of legendary fútbol clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, adorn the new $400 million renovation of the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami in preparation for the first-ever El Clásico to be played in the United States.

Robert Young's Global Public Art & Activations creates impactful public art that enriches communities and generates economic benefits for our partners. We are dedicated to producing experiences through public art activations that deliver clear communications and create a lasting impression in public spaces. By partnering with us through our Corporate Strategic Communications campaigns you will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your public space, attract visitors, increase property values, and promote economic growth. Through our Community Engagement Activism campaigns, your can also achieve awareness for contemporary issues that affect our communities. 
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